Watch End of the F***ing World Season 1 and 2 Online Free


I stumbled upon The End Of The F***ing World, a dark comedy in 2017 when it had just released. The trailer said that it was based on a graphic novel and was a story of two sociopaths, which intrigued me to watch it, and it certainly did not leave me even a bit disappointed. Alyssa and James are high school students who appear to be normal but are completely different when they’re in their respective comfort zones. Alyssa feels out of place in her family and wants to escape, and James has this urge to kill living beings to make himself ‘feel’. It seems impossible for them to form a bond, but the show effortlessly does that and portrays an awkwardly sweet relationship. 

Watch End of the F***ing World Season 2 Online Free

The two of them find in each other what we all are unconsciously looking for-people who genuinely care. The two best things about this show are the background music, which is uncannily perfect in every scene. Even though the circumstances are something, most of us don’t relate to, the emotions they go through definitely are. The show has this unique way in which we hear or view the character’s thoughts when they’re not talking to anyone and just after they’ve spoken, which gives us a deep insight into how they feel at that moment. When they said things out loud, I felt them, and when they were unable to express it to anyone but themselves, I felt that as well. While the first season left me stunned and heartbroken, the second one was more engaging and heartwarming. It changed the way I look at people and made me realize that everyone around me has a story that makes them who they are, be it the guy with the burnt hand, the girl who’s unnecessarily mean or even the quiet librarian.

 The show is extremely well made, connects all the threads that it introduces, unconventionally and convincingly, makes us feel like we’re a part of their world, trying to solve the mysteries and finding solutions to their problems like they’re our own. It’ll make you smile, cry, maybe even throw up, but most importantly, it’ll make you ‘feel things’


Season 2 of The End of the F***ing World delivers on all its promises and is comparatively much more intriguing than the first season. The strangely catchy soundtrack, the splendid performances, and most importantly, the remarkable writing combine to give one of the most oddly entertaining shows you’ll ever see on television. Watch it if you haven’t already stumbled upon this gem.


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