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According to a popular theory Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, there are five stages of grief and loss Denial and Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Shutter Island is a masterful film interspersed with multiple themes, but it’s a meditation on grief for me. It’s the story of a man struggling with loss and trying to cope with the soul-wrenching grief of having lost a loved one. If you watch carefully, you can see him going through the different stages of grief in the course of the film in its twisted way. But the scene that particularly stands out to me and has managed to stay with me over the years is this wonderful dream sequence where his wife revisits teddy’s imagination.

While the scene is shot and crafted with utmost brilliance, especially with the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack (On the Nature of Daylight) playing in the background, what appeals to me, even more, is the ease with which the scene symbolizes the severity of grief. The whole sequence is almost like a cinematic manifestation of the struggle to reach the ultimate stage of grief – acceptance. Acceptance of loss doesn’t come easy, and it’s not a gift afforded to everyone. Some people go their whole lives struggling with depression and not letting go of the grief.

Watch Shutter Island Full Movie Online

For Teddy, letting go of his wife in his dream would mean taking a step towards accepting the loss and giving himself the chance to make peace with himself. However, he doesn’t care about that as in that moment; he would give anything to make her stay with him, albeit in his imagination. He probably believes that the acceptance would kill this fleeting fantasy, and Dolores would be gone, forever. Every person has their way of dealing with grief, and it can be an incredibly difficult journey to make for anyone. If you’re going through it yourself or know anyone, remember that you deserve to do it at your own pace. Acceptance isn’t easy, and it can take its time. But it’s essential to keep reminding yourself that it gets better, and it’s eventually important to let go.

Doesn’t matter how many times you would see this movie; you will find yourself hanging at the edges! In this twisted psychological neo-noir drama directed by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a US Marshal Teddy Daniels set off on an investigation at an island currently a mental asylum. Mark Ruffalo plays Chuck, investigation partner of Teddy, on the case of a mental patient’s disappearance. After reaching the island, everyone, including doctors, staff, and other patients, plays a mind game with the broken Marshal, who also has a twisted past. He volunteered to this case in the hope of catching a psycho named Andrew who allegedly killed his wife, but things take a nasty turn for the teddy when he reaches the bottom of the truth. Martin Scorsese has made many good movies like Goodfellas, Taxi driver, Raging Bull, Gangs of New York ters has a psychological, but in this movie, you could understand Teddy’s dilemma that is the Beauty of the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio is a wonderful actor, and he played his character very well, but it was Mark Ruffalo, and Ben was many known Kingsley was the real pillars of the movie. A must-watch film!


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