Here are some shows with strong Female leads that you can binge-watch

Here are some shows with strong Female leads that you can binge-watch

Watch GRACE AND FRANKIE Episodes Online Free

Grace and Frankie are about two elderly who have been rivals forever, but things go haywire when their husbands leave them as they are gay and have fallen in love with each other. As heartbreak and confusion follow, these two women have no one but each other’s shoulders to cry on.

Watch NEW GIRL Episodes Online Free

Jess moves in with three men, after going through a massive break-up who she lived with, and now in this hilarious sitcom, we see her and the guys’ life change in each other’s company. Jess, the most endearing part, is the flamboyant quirkiness who carries herself with utmost confidence despite how outlandish she is.

Watch FLEABAG All Episodes Online Free

The drama follows the life of a politically incorrect, eccentric woman known as Fleabag, who resonates with tragedy and anger, cruises through life while battling internal and external turmoil. One of the strongest women characters with multiple layers to un- ravel, Fleabag is a dramatic-comedy show.

Watch THE CROWN NETFLIX All Episodes Online Free

This follows the lavish life of Queen Elizabeth II and the struggles that come with being in a place of power. The show depicts everything from romances to political rivalries and how the Queen battles them. She sat on the throne at the age of 25 upon the death of her father, and since then, she has n

Watch JANE THE VIRGIN All Episodes Online Free

Jane the Virgin, like the title suggests, is a story of Jane Villanueva and her life after she accidentally gets artificially inseminated. The story has not one but three strong female characters and is quite a women-centric show. Jane lives with her mother and Abuela – together, they are managing the household seamlessly, and the relationship these three women share is adorable and inspiring at the same time.

Watch BIG LITTLE LIES All Episodes Online Free

Big little lies is a story of three wealthy women; Celeste, Madeline, and Jane. When a murder unravels their perfect upper-class lives. The show demonstrates nuanced feminism; without showing “tough women”, it depicts vulnerable, broken women while still radiating the message of women empowerment all along.

Watch GREY’S ANATOMY All Episodes Online Free

This drama show is about surgeons who play against life’s all odds to the finest doctors. The show is led by Meredith Grey – a surgical intern who is the daughter of a brilliant surgeon of her time, Dr. Elis Grey. Meredith, a brilliant surgeon herself, battles emotional inhibitions, fears, and circumstances as they come to her. The show has several other strong female characters such as Dr. Bailey, Christina Yang, Lizzie Stevens, etc.


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