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Hidden Figure is a riveting tale about 3 African-American women employees at NASA who were instrumental in launching the space capsule FRIENDSHIP 7. The story is adapted into a film based on a non-fiction book by historian Margot Lee Shetterly. This movie captures the ingrained racism and sexism which exist(s) in America, no matter how prestigious an institution be (read NASA). It is the story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, who beat the splinters of racism and sexism at their workplace and emerge winners and ‘firsts’ in their ways.

As the head of the space task group, Al Harrison, played by Kevin Costner, beautifully puts it in a one-liner to shut racism and emphasize that we are humans first when he says, “Here at NASA, we all pee the same color”. That talent and merit clubbed with complex work matter above all else is my takeaway from the movie. There is always a possibility to shine despite the odds. You have to keep your head up and speak out. It is my run-to movie when I crave to feel good and inspired, so I can make efforts to dig out my ‘hidden’ potential.

This movie is a respite on days when the noise of discrimination turns louder than the calm that inclusiveness and acceptance provide. On days when a tiny corner, or two, of the newspapers, a scream of female foeticide, and they get drowned in the melee of the world, this movie is a ray of hope. P.S. The idea of beauty lies in being ‘colored’ and ‘discolored’ even today, in many parts of the world, in many spheres of work, in many homes, individuals, deep-set in the minds of many individuals. We’ve leaped into space, touched the moon, and find the Earth to be a beautiful blue dot, and are aiming higher. However, on the ground, our ideas of beauty still discriminate amongst a group of between black and white.”

Watch Hidden Figures Full Movie

The movie Hidden Figures is a true story about three women with black skin, but they show that black people can have rights. I would rate this movie 10/10; it is an excellent movie! All ages would enjoy this movie cause it is an uplifting movie. The main message is that all humans should be treated the same, no matter their color. The main themes are racism and Inequality, community, luck, nonstop action, hard work, scientific progress, and social and political progress. Some of the most important scenes are the Bathroom speech scene is when Katherine Johnson made a speech cause there were no bathrooms for the people of color in the building and the drive you the first is when Mary Jackson talked to the judge to see if she culled go to an all whites high school.

Some of the emotions are Happiness, stubbornness, and excitement. The thing that inspired me the most is that girls can do anything to put their minds to it. The thing that surprised me is that black people were treated differently than white people. It was unfair that black people were mistreated.

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