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The sky is pink

I am genuinely very frightened by the thought of death and losing someone close to me. The Sky is Pink taught me something that I’ll make sure to keep with me for the rest of my life. I have a dog who’s just one year old right now. I couldn’t get a dog for the longest time because I knew I couldn’t be with it for the rest of my life. It will go away soon, a maximum of a decade, and the thought of that scared me to shit.

When I finally got my Rambo, I used to cry randomly with just the thought of losing him someday. The Sky is Pink shows that life can be short yet legendary. Chaudhary’s life made me understand that worst of things can happen to the best of humans, but it all depends on how ready we are to overcome anything life throws at us with a big-ass approving smile. The small moments in life are the ones that make it worthwhile.

Thinking about the end only makes it worse. Niren and Aditi dedicated their lives to making sure their kids live the best life possible. Death is the truth of life, and the sooner you accept it, the better you feel. The scene where Aisha passes away and the background music cuts into frivolous party music is so symbolic.

Death is the beginning of another journey, the grief and the tremendous heartache that we all are scared of feeling someday; it goes away slowly with time. Niren and Aditi’s love is rock solid, but they handled their grief in such different ways, it caused problems between them. We all have our way of dealing with stuff, but all that remains, in the end, is sweet memories and a heart full of love!

The dialogues are brilliantly written, and the aptness of the title is one such example of it. The movie is filled with excellent performances, and yes, multiple scenes can not only make your eyes wet but it can also make your heart weep out. It is the brilliance of screenplay, director, and cast. Though you cry for Aisha (Zaira’s character), it can remind you of your lost ones.

Take a box full of tissues and witness this year’s one of the best Hindi movie. If not anything, this movie indeed teaches you many lessons of life with subtlety. I can go on and on about this fantastic movie and say don’t miss it for anything, and even if you are strong-hearted, it can bring you to the verge of crying. I haven’t felt so strongly about any movie for quite a long time, and this deserves all the accolades it is already receiving. Finally, don’t miss the end credits to the real-life people on whom the movie is based.


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