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There will be more people to fall in love with, more places to visit, and a new place to call home every once in a while. But sometimes, we find ourselves stuck on that one person, that one place, and we begin to define home differently. They calm your heart and make you feel secure, something we struggle with very often. Ved was that calm and confident homely feeling – Tara, maybe not literally but sub-consciously.

The dilemma of the heart Three distinctive instances out of the many scenes in ‘Tamasha’ where the staircase was the one scattered question searching for an answer on either end are you the one that got away, or is there still another chance. In the ‘Social’ scene where Tara’s eyes were trying to keep up with Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 while her heart was longing for Ved, she was elated to find him sitting right behind her.

It makes me wonder if they were just another clich̩ of two people who had to lose each other to find each other again. With that ecstatic and joyful heart, she rushed down the stairs as an alternative to sharing this moment with someone, as her face lit up with the possibilities that the other end of the staircase held for her. She rushed back up, but the dilemma made her turn back around, and she found herself staring up while waiting on the first step Рthis time, she feels a sense of relief.

Contemplating between goodbye and the aftermath The morning in Corsica, where she is leaving while Ved is asleep, is the first instance the staircase talked with surges of positive and negative emotions. When she anxiously turned around to rush up the stairs to Ved’s room, you could hear the constant screaming pounding in the back of her mind. She could see past the mask he had created that shone of perfection but was just a quilted shield. She wanted to let him know, but unfortunately, contemplation succeeded at doing what it always does leave her in the chaos of her mind and heart.

Watch TAMASHA Full Movie Online

One end of the stairway will always lead to Ved. The staircase was always that page in the novel that could change the ending entirely. More than Tara being the shining star paving the way for Ved, this staircase at the Tea Conference in Japan portrayed how Ved was always at one end of the stairway for Tara. Everything led Tara to Ved, and in some way, he was that home she was looking for while she was his escape from his own.

The Final Takeaway It’s like living the same story in different ends of the world with similar dilemmas and always sleeping the thought of no one ever reading your story. Then, someday, someone walks in and understands every chapter, appreciates every sentence, and feels every line. And that’s when you finally acknowledge the Tamasha life is.


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