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It was a great film. Most people still crave that love they grew up believing in. At the same time, most people have abandoned the idea of true love thanks to the commitment-phobic generation. It seems incredible to have flings and not discuss marriage or real love; people think going with the flow is a smart thing to do. Practicality is worshipped in today’s day and age. In all this chaos, a guy still wants the love story that doesn’t lose its charm even after years of being together. That guy is Kartik’s character. That guy is most of us. You must be a fool to believe that you don’t want true love. Come on! we all do. But the fear of not getting what you want is more significant than what you want, and that is where we all go wrong; that is why we hide behind meaningless flings.

Also, sex is more important than love for most of us today. Looking at Kartik’s character, I felt something, I felt his deep desire, I felt his fear, and I felt his courage to go after what he wants despite the fear. And that’s why I liked this film a lot. This is what love Aaj Kal was for me. 4 stars because Sara’s acting went a little over in some places, but she has many scopes. I could see that. She will boom. Also, four stars because the way Imtiaz shows that people get success like that seemed a little unbelievable. The event management industry is so so chaotic, and the way Zoe just made it seemed a bit unreal. But maybe I missed those things, perhaps she did struggle a lot, but still, even after you make it, you don’t get a big cabin like that, or may you do, I don’t know! But maybe Aisa bhi hota hi Hoga! kya pata

Why I like this cult classic


1.Direction, Screenplay, and Editing: Tight Direction and screenplay hold you till the end; however, editing is good

2. Dialogue: Some new and funky conversations make you happy

3. Story: A concept of an old story mix with a new account and how well it goes; it’s impressive

4. Background Score: Salim Sulaiman’s background score is catchy and well set it up westernize culture

5. Music; Pritam da music is the ultimate one, and each song is equally worth listening to. Specially yeh doors

6. Lead star cast: Saif and Deepika did full justice to the role. Late actor Rishi adds a spark to the movie. Second lead Giselli Monteiro did a decent job.


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