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Lootera, the robber. The title of this movie has a layer to it; what was the loot anyway? Ancient idol from a wealthy zamindar or Pakhi’s right to fall in love or Varun’s on borrowed time to create a masterpiece amidst the burden bestowed on him by his uncle? This movie always reminds me of my favorite lines from my favorite book, The Kite Runner. It narrates how loot is the most baleful sin of all. It says, “There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft”.

Vikramaditya Motwane has truly created a masterpiece that is simple in all its forms, and being simple isn’t an easy task. One particular scene from the movie that still makes my heart ache even after six years is when Pakhi is confronted by Inspector K.N. Singh, who reminds her of the loss caused by the person she might be protecting her house.

Watch Lootera Full Movie Online

My faith in love rejuvenates every time she lies to the inspector. Within a fraction of a second, she has no idea why she saved Varun, someone who has ripped off her faith in human connections and truth, makes me wonder if it is only because true love never dies or forgiveness is the most blissful act; of all? That is how pure the emotion of love is, and no matter how wrong one has done, the small crack in your soul will always forgive them, and in this course of action, it helped Pakhi forgive herself for leading a miserable life ever since her father’s death. We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive.

Those who are devoid of the power to forgive are devoid of the ability to love. Pakhi is convinced that she hates Varun, but what made her not inform the police? Or kill him in his sleep? And Varun believes that nothing can repay for the misery he has caused Pakhi but what made him stay and take care of her that eventually led him to create the masterpiece he has been waiting for, the last leaf. It honestly never dies. The bond with nothing but genuine, raw emotions of two souls – each knows the other one is the mate to them. 

This is an All-Time Classic—best writing, cinematography, music & lighting. Action scenes spectacularly shot Should have been India’s official Oscar entry. It would’ve made it to the finals, at Atleast IMO Sonakshi’s career-best performance, Vikramaditya Motwane, probably the most outstanding modern director & Ranveer Singh’s career-changing film IMO too. This film has everything for everyone. Morally profound with a message but also with the best action scenes of the last decade. The scene where he pulls the bullet is goosebumps. Bollywood should make films like this

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