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Dear Zindagi – a film that I’ve always brushed past, putting it off for another time constantly, and when I finally watched it today, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t given it a chance before. The film was terrific. All the reviews say it, and everybody else talks about every inch of it to the very last detail,

so I’m not going to be descriptive and point out every single thing I liked. I just LOVED that the director doesn’t just brush past Kaira’s (Alia’s character) storyline and past plus present because there’s another massive lead in the film – Sharukh Khan. Sharukh’s character – Dr. Jehangir Khan, does extreme justice to his role by sticking to his space, using it thoroughly, and giving the rest to Alia’s character – Kaira – to figure out how to complete her puzzle as he’s just there to “find her the missing pieces” as mentioned in the movie.

Second: The pace of the film, which some people may find irritating towards the beginning and find it going a bit slow, but trust me, it’s perfect, precise, and the slow burn is worth it and rewarding for our hearts and souls. It has you questioning the movie first and then slowly drags you to question Kaira’s morals and way of judgment, unknowingly pulling you into the script’s magic. And then, before you know it, you’re listening to every word, every life lesson put into beautiful sentences, and you’re singing the chorus ‘Dear Zindagi.’ Everything is honestly stunning.

I do not want to leave spoilers, but every realization and the pain between every flashback and everyone seeing the solution to that pain and standing up for themselves are empowering to watch. Sometimes, you have to scream it, cry it, and express however you can when the people won’t listen. It’s your life. Live it how you want, and sometimes it’s okay to take the easy way out. It doesn’t make you any less of a person.

There is never anything to be ashamed of, and embracing your fears is a thing. Trust the flow. Dear Zindagi is nothing short of inspiring. As a PSA for normalizing seeking mental-health therapy, it works effectively. Films have a much larger reach than, say, newspapers or books in raising awareness on such issues. 

Rating: 3.5/5


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