Underrated English Movies that you might have missed!


Nowadays, Netflix and other streaming platforms have become a bit too popular. Nobody likes to watch stuff on television anymore as these platforms are way more convenient. Here are some of the movies you can stream there. I hope you enjoy it! 

Written and directed by Jonah Hill, this coming-of-age comedy-drama about a 13-year-old kid (Stevie) is a pure and unfiltered showcase of the street life in LA. Stevie escapes his troubled home and indulges himself with a group of older boys he met at a skateboard shop. The soundtrack, camera work, and chill mood of this movie make it a must watch

  • Watch SCOTT PILGRIM vs THE WORLD Full Movie Online

A humorous story of a guy who has to defeat seven of his girlfriend’s exes to win her heart. No matter what mood you’re in, this movie is always a good fit—a great blend of action, comedy, romance, and fantasy. I mean, how much more do you need?

  • Watch GOOD TIME Full Movie Online

A robbery went wrong, and a brother crossing every limit to save his younger brother is what the film is about. A gripping and intense crime-thriller will give you a pure cinema experience because of its brilliant music, cinematography, and Robert Pattinson alone. …..

  • Watch LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE Full Movie Online

A family road drama that is funny yet surprisingly moving. A little girl wants to win a pageant, and her family joining her on the trip is nothing but hilarious. A bittersweet movie that will make you realize that every family is dysfunctional.

  • Watch DAZED AND CONFUSED Full Movie Online

A story showcasing a group of teenagers on their last day of high school and many misadventures. The film represents a lot of what the young generation was feeling years back and is feeling to date. A funny-in-parts and deep story that shows what it was like to be a teenager in the 70s.

  • Watch NIGHTCRAWLER Full Movie Online

Jake Gyllenhaal’s mere smile is the scariest thing in the movie that already has a lot of psychological thrill to offer. It revolves around a man who moves from a mischief-maker to a villain and deals with the often appearing feud between journalism and society.

  • Watch THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINE Full Movie Online

So a film starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, and how have many of us not watched it?! This is a cocky and intense drama, yet dealing with a lot of emotions. It shows us a lot of harsh realities in the world. With fathers and sons, crime and fate, this is a movie you should not miss.


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