Top 6 List of Must Watch Shows on MX PLAYER

Must Watch Shows on MX PLAYER


Dhwani joins her husband Sahir for a business trip. Dhwani’s birthday is around the corner and the couple waits for Dhwani’s sister Payal. After a long wait, Dhwani realizes that her sister might be missing. This Teads her to find clues about what might have happened with Payal. The thriller released on Christmas and has been getting great reviews.


ImMature MX Player

With the help of his best bros Kabir and Susu, Dhruv a 16-year-old boy sets out to woo Chhavi, a kind of out of his league class topper The coming of age story of Dhruv and his friends in The last days of school is explored through 5 short episodes. IMMATURE is ought to bring out the memories of those good old school days.

HIGH Shiv who is a drug addict lands in rehab after an overdose. Doctors at rehab are working on a mysterious compound that can cure addiction. Shiv becomes aware of this and suggests the doctors start selling the magical pill. This pill catches the interest of assassin Jackson Lakda, as the pill creates a disruption in the existing drug market. High is a visually arresting crime drama with a solid cast with Shorey and Oberoi being the standouts.


I’m not a robot is about Kim Min-kyu, a wealthy man who is allergic to other people and spends his time alone and ends up falling in love with Jo Ji-ah, a woman who pretends to be a robot. A heartwarming tale of a man who was shut off from the world and then begins to break free because of a woman pretending to be a robot.


Based on the novel by Anita Sivakumaran, Queen tells the story of Shakthi Seshadri, a brilliant student from a poor family who is forced to take up acting in films. After achieving superstardom, Shakthi steps into the world of politics. Loosely inspired by the life of J Jayalalitha.


Based on a novel by Suhas Shirwalkar, Samantar tells the story of Kumar Mahajan, a down on his luck man who goes to an astrologer to learn that he is living a life that has already been lived by a man named Sudarshan Chakrapani. Kumar goes on a quest to find Sudarshan so that he can change his future by knowing Sudarshan’s past. Director Satish Rajwade reunites with frequent collaborator Swwapnil Joshi for a series with an intriguing concept.


Inspired by real-life events from Purvanchal in the 1980s, when the state development work was allotted through tenders. Raktanchal chronicles the rivalry between Waseem Khan and Vijay Singh in the clash of acquiring tenders with a political battle in the background. Raktanchal is a dark and unpredictable tale of vengeance and greed that won’t fail to entertain you.


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