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This tour is best done in the afternoon, so that you can watch the famous sunset at  Promthep Cape. Promthep Cape is the most southern tip of Phuket Island and offers beautiful views of the sea and the southern coast of Phuket. On the way you can visit Wat Chalong, one of the most important temples of the island, and Rawai Beach.
Wat Chalong
Wat Chalong

Your starting point is Wat Chalong. It is located three kilometers before the Chalong junction on the left side of the road (see our small map)Wat Chalong is the most important buddhist temple of the island. Although from the point of view of architecture it cannot be compared with the beautiful temples of Chiang Mai or  Bangkok it is a pretty enough sight with its three connected roofs and the golden chofahs that sparkle in the sun. The entrance of the Viharn is flanked by two stone elephants and inside are several statues that are covered with so many  flecks of gold leaf that their features are almost unrecognizable.  The Wat is connected with the memory of two revered monks who lived during the time of the tin miner`s rebellion and were famous for their medical skills. Opposite the temple`s Viharn is a lovely teakwood building that houses statues of the monks and also relics, like their robes.

Islets in Front of Promthep Cape
Promthep Cape

When you have finished your visit to Wat Chalong, just follow the road along the coast to the Chalong junction and on to Rawai Beach. Rawai is very famous for its shells. It has a rocky foreshore and is at low tide a veritable eldorado for shell seekers (for swimming Rawai is less suitable). A lot of small open air seafood restaurants are located along the beach promenade. Rawai also has a shell museum (located opposite the beach) that is worth a visit.

If you drive on in southern direction you will finally arrive at Promthep Cape. Enjoy the scenic drive along Phuket`s southern coast! Promthep Cape itself is essentially just a rocky hill (steps have been built that lead to the top) but you have a very beautiful view of the perfect half-moon bay of Nai Harn Beach and of the little islands in front of the cape. There is also a lighthouse with a sightseeing platform; the view from the top is superb.  If you have enough time it is a good idea to stay until sunset; Promthep Cape is famous for its spectacular sunsets.

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