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  In general, the Thai are friendly and polite, and you should try to act the same way. It is very bad behaviour to start loud arguments or challenge someone in public. Harsh criticism, shouting, or other displays of anger or rage will not get you anywhere in Thailand. A person`s head is considered sacred and it is an insult to touch it. The feet, on the other hand, are considered very impure, and you should never point at a person, or a religious object with a foot or step over somebody. The king of Thailand and royal family are held in genuine respect by the people and you should never speak derogatively about them or act disrespectfully with regard to them (for instance, never step on a Thai bank note - it depicts the head of the king. People have been known to be arrested for this!)

Women Travelling Alone

It is still unusual for a female tourist  to travel alone, but you will probably not run into any problem because of it. The Thai women themselves have considerable influence, especially in business life,  and are respected members of society.  

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