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Lamma is a pretty little island west of Hongkong Island, very peaceful and tranquil, with lovely hills and forests, only separated by the narrow East Lamma Channel  from Aberdeen. There are no historical buildings or important temples on the island; it is mainly interesting for people who enjoy beautiful natural scenery. There is a regular ferry services several times a day to and from Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwo Wan, the two villages on Lamma, and Central District on Hongkong Island (get a schedule at the Central  District Outlying Islands pier, so that you can plan your return). There is a path from Yung Shue Wan over the hills and through the valleys to Sok Kwo Wan (there are no cars or buses on the island). (See map of Lamma)
 Little Bay on Lamma Island

If you have a full day you can start at either one and  walk over the hills to the other village (you need between one and a halfand two hours for this).  There are good, inexpensive  seafood restaurants both in Sok Kwo Wan and Yung Shue Wan, where you can enjoy a good meal before you take the ferry back to Hongkong Island.

Rafts in the Bay of Sok Kwu Wan
The Bay of Sok Kwu Wan

If you have only an afternoon, it is perhaps best to take the ferry to Sok Kwo Wan. The boat trip takes only about 45 minutes and takes you along the picturesque west coast of Hongkong Island  into the quiet waters of the bay. You will notice a large number of rafts in the bay where the fishfarmers of Lamma Island live with their families (Fishfarming is one of the major industries on the island). From the pier you turn right and walk along a large number of seafood restaurants to the little pink Tin Hau Temple, and then a little bit farther until you see a path that ascends up into the hills. If you take this path you pass a Chinese graveyard and then get to the peak of a little mountain where you have spectacular view of the rocks and cliffs of the coast of Lamma and of the islands that surround it. The is also an astonishing number of different kinds of beautiful coloured butterflies! This walk takes only about an hour, including the time you need for the return to Sok Kwo Wan. When you come back you still have time for a meal at one of the restaurants (or for a short bath on Lo So Shing beach) before you have to go back to the pier to catch your ferry.

Mountain Scenery on Lamma Island
In the Mountains of Lamma Island

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