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The standard of hygiene in Hong Kong is fairly high. You need no special vaccinations. Tap water is safe to drink (but it doesn`t taste very good; bottled water is better).


Hong Kong is generally considered a safe city. As in all big cities, of course, it is better to avoid carrying large amounts of cash; credit cards or traveller`s cheques are preferable.


Good Chinese restaurants are, of course, everywhere in Hong Kong. The restaurants in the hotels are mostly good, but very expensive. Good and inexpensive food can be found in the restaurants in the restaurants on the Outlying Islands (mostly seafood) and in the New Territories. The major Chinese cuisines are: Cantonese,  Peking, Shanghai, Szechuan, Taiwan, or Chinese vegetarian food. Western and other Asian cuisines are also represented fairly well, e.g.  Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian,  Thai, and Vietnamese. The Hong Kong Tourist Association (HKTA) offers special restaurant guides that are available at no charge at the HKTA Information and Gift Centres, e.g. at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry pier on Kowloon.

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