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The Best Time for Travelling

The climate in Hong Kong is mild, subtropical, and humid. The best months for travelling are October, November, March, and April. The temperatures in these months are about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, and there is little rain. In summer, the air becomes very humid and warm (about 30 degrees) with a lot of rain. Summer is also the cyclone season. On the other hand, hotelrates are lowest in the summer months - this may be an advantage. In winter the temperatures drop to 16 or 18 degrees, and chilly rains may occur, though the winter, all in all, is the most dry of all seasons in Hong Kong.


You should dress according to the season: cotton, silk or linen clothes in the summer months and in spring, some additional sweaters and a coat in autumn and winter. Sloppy clothing should be avoided; for entry in the better restaurants men need to wear a tie. A cardigan or jacket comes in handy in all seasons, mainly for wearing it indoors, because the temperatures in the air-conditioned rooms in hotels or offices are very low.

If you plan to do business in Hong Kong you should know that the Chinese are used to very formal clothing, you will always need an official business suit for these occasions.

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