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You can each Siem Reap either by plane - the town has a small airport that is serviced by Bangkok Airways, which offers flights from Bangkok and by Royal Air Cambodge with flights from Phnom Penh. An interesting option is a trip by boat - the boats leave from a pier near the Japanese bridge in Phnom Penh and travel up the Sap river (through the Tonle Sap). 

The speed boats reach Siem Reap after about five hours, the others take longer. If you have time and are a bit adventurous maybe this is the right thing for you! 

Of course, you can also travel by bus or car from Phnom Penh but as the roads in Cambodia can still not be viewed as completely safe and are also in bad condition this latter option cannot really be recommended (the bus trip takes 8 hours or more).

Visa for Cambodia are usually available at a counter at the airports of Siem Reap or Phnom Penh but you should not rely on this - it is better to obtain the visa before your trip.

In front of the Siem Reap airport taxis are available for transport into town. Always agree on the price beforehand. If you are content with the driving style and manners of your driver you can try to hire him on the spot for the length of your stay (the cost varies between 20 and 30 US$ per day, depending on where you want to go ). 

Alternatively, transportation - via car, mini van, or motor bike taxi - can easily be arranged in Siem Reap. Motor bike taxis are cheapest but remember that the roads are not perfect - it can be scary if you are not used to this.

On the way from Siem Reap to Angkor you pass a tollbooth where you must purchase your entrance tickets - 20 US$ for 1 day, 40 for 3 days, and 60 $ for 4 days up to a week. You will  need a photo for your visitor's passport; if you forgot to bring one, a photo will be taken at the tollbooth - there is no extra charge, but it is time consuming.


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