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In general, Cambodians are friendly and polite, and you should try to act the same way. It is very bad behavior to start loud arguments or challenge someone in public. Harsh criticism, shouting, or other displays of anger or rage will not get you anywhere in Cambodia. Cambodia is a Buddhist country, and Buddhist etiquette requires that you wear "modest" clothes when visiting modern Buddhist temples and take off your shoes before you enter. (This does not apply to the temple ruins in Angkor). 

Women Traveling Alone in Cambodia

It is still unusual for a female tourist to travel alone in Cambodia, but you will probably not run into any problems because of it. A tip: observe the Cambodian "dress code" - long skirts or pants, shoulders covered, everything clean and ironed. It will help you to get along with the locals. Please remember that Cambodia is not Thailand - it is, for instance, not advisable to go out alone at night for women, just because the criminality rate is higher than in other Asian countries.

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