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Most tourists in Bali visit at least one or two temples during their stay. There are a few things to be observed in order not to offend: You must dress decently for temple visits, which means long pants and a shirt for men and a dress that covers knees and shoulders for women (or a skirt with a blouse, etc). At most temples there is a donation box with a book for registering at the entrance. You should always put a donation in the box, even if nobody happens to be looking (the amount can vary from 500 Rupiah to 5000 Rupiah per person).  You should also, no matter whether there is anybody around besides you, put on a sash before you enter the temple area (in many temples you can rent sashes or sarongs, but you can also use a silk scarf or a cheap sarong for wearing it around your waist.) If people are praying or a procession is coming along, move quietly away and please, please, resist the temptation to take pictures.

Pura Samuan Tiga
Balinese Temple (Pura Samuan Tiga)

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