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In general, no special vaccinations are required for travelling to Bali; except if you happen to come from a yellow feaver area, then a certificate for a vaccination against this disease is required upon entry. However, tetanus, polio, and hepatitis vaccinations are recommended nevertheless for any travel in Asia (they are also useful at home!).

Bali is not a malaria area, but ask your doctor at home if, given your specific itinary (perhaps you want to vist other Indonesian islands or other Asian countries during your trip?), a malaria propyhlaxis is advisable. Malaria is a serious disease that can be lethal! (You can look up details about Prevention of Malaria Infection at the website of the University of Leicester).


Bali is generally considered a safe destination. The island has not been part in the recent unrest and riot that took place in the rest of Indonesia. However, there has in recent years been an increase (probably because of the still very bad economic situation) of petty crimes, like pickpocketing, etc. 

As everywhere, of course, it is better to avoid carrying large amounts of cash; credit cards or traveller`s cheques are preferable.


All hotels in Bali serve international food, as well as Indonesian cuisine. Indonesian meals usually consist of a large portion of rice accompanied by fish, vegetable, or meat curries, and sambal (a spicy chili paste). Indonesian food is spicy but not as spicy as for instance Thai food. My favourite is Gado-Gado, a dish of chilled boiled vegetables with a delicious, thick, sticky peanut sauce. There are a lot of small food stalls (warungs) that serve small snacks and where the local people eat. The food can be good, but the hygiene is usually more than questionable.

Fruit Market in Bedugul

Something I can very much recommend is the tropical fruit that grows on the island. There are passionfruit (my personal favourite, yellow fruits shaped like a big egg with a hard shell, that can be cut open or cracked with a fingernail and a sweet, juicy pulp inside), salak (a crisp, sweet and sour fruit with a thin peel that you can remove with the fingers), mangosteen, mangoes, pineapples, jackfruit, coconuts, and durian fruits and all of them are delicious.  

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