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This is a longtour that will probably take most of the day. If you start from Nusa orSanur you drive through Denpasar first to Mengwi where the Taman Ayun templeis located. Taman Ayun is a combination of a temple and a pleasure gardenthat was built by the King of Mengwi in the 18th century. The temple islocated in a garden with a big lotos pond and is surrounded by a moat.Only worshippers are allowed inside the main sanctuary, but you can lookat the stone carvings on the large split gate and admire the impressiverow of high black pagoda roofs in the middle of the temple complex.

Taman Ayun in Mengwi

Taman Ayun

From Mengwi you drive northand up the hills to Lake Bratan. On the way is Bedugul where you can stopand  visit the local fruit market - they sell all kinds of fruit aswell as wild orchids and fresh vegetables. Don`t miss the delicious yellowmountain passionfruit! Lake Bratan is a big lake that fills an ancientvolcanic craterand its water is said to be holy. You will notice that theair is cooler here than in the south of Bali and the sky is mostly cloudedand the light is very gentle and soft. The temple Pura Ulun Danu is locatedon the western shore of the lake. It is dedicated to Dewi Danu, the LakeGoddess that provides the irrigation water for the rice fields. The templeis surrounded by a big garden with flowers and the sanctuaries are builtdirectly at the waterfront and seem to float in the water. It is a very remarkable sight.

.Schreine von Pura Ulun Danu am Ufer des Bratan-Sees

 Pura Ulun Danu

On the way back to thesouth can can stop in Bedugul for a late lunch, and, if you back in thesouth near sunset time and are still not tired, visit TanahLot  for finishing the day.

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