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   Hotels & Resort Areas

Bali has quite a number of different resort areas- there is something for every taste (and every budget) and interests. Are you interested in just relaxing on a beautiful beach, in visiting beautiful temples and museums, is it golf or is it watersports that you have in mind?  Please read more ....

Or go directly to our Bali Hotel Guide for a selection of 35 hotels with discount rates that can be booked online.

Getting There & Around

What is the name of the airport in Bali? What is the airport code? How do you get around once your are on the island? Is there an online map? And where can you book flights from abroad or to neighbour islands? Please read more ...

Terraces Ricefields in Bali
Terraced Ricefields

What to see & do 

What sights does the island offer? Where can you find interesting temples and museums? And where are the beautiful rice terraces that the island is famous for? Please read more ...

Interested in watersports? Bali is a surfer`s paradise and offers some of the most beautiful and varied underwater life in Asia. Please read about the best diving and snorkelling areas and the best beaches for windsurfing here ....

Avoiding Problems &  Misunderstandings

Avoid problems and disappointments that can spoil a whole holiday! The Balinese are generally friendly people but they feel strongly about their cultural traditions and their feelings are often hurt by inconsiderate visitors who violate their customs. Learn how not to offend! This is especially important when visiting temples. We have provided a short temple etiquette for you.

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